Open Ear Swimming Headphones, Wireless Bone Conduction, Bluetooth 5.3 and IP68 Full Waterproof, 8G MP3 Storage

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2 hours charging time, 6 hours of use. 10 meters connection, 8GB 1000+ songs storage
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open ear swimming headphone

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Open Ear Swimming Headphones offer a remarkable audio experience while submerged in water. With their cutting-edge wireless bone conduction technology, these headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes without compromising your hearing or comfort.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, these headphones provide seamless pairing with your devices, ensuring stable and reliable audio transmission. The IP68 full waterproof rating guarantees their durability and functionality even in the most intense aquatic environments.

Featuring an impressive 8GB MP3 storage capacity, these headphones enable you to store and play your favorite songs directly from the device, eliminating the need for additional devices while swimming. With easy-to-use controls, you can effortlessly navigate through your music library, adjust volume levels, and manage playback without interrupting your aquatic activities.

Designed specifically for swimmers, these headphones prioritize comfort and security. The open ear design allows ambient sounds to remain perceptible, promoting situational awareness while enjoying music. The bone conduction technology delivers audio through vibrations in the cheekbone, leaving your ears free to focus on the surrounding environment.

Whether you’re training for a competition or simply seeking entertainment during your swimming sessions, Open Ear Swimming Headphones provide an exceptional audio solution that combines convenience, quality, and waterproof functionality. Dive into the world of premium underwater audio and elevate your swimming experience to new heights.

How to download music or podcasts to the earphones?

  1. Download the audio files (in MP3 or WAV formats) to your computer.
  2. Plug the headset into the USB charging cable.
  3. Connect the USB cable to a USB port on your computer.
  4. Your computer should recognize the headset as a removable drive. Open it.
  5. Simply drag and drop the files into the folder of the removable drive.
  6. Once the file transfer is complete, safely eject the removable drive.

5 reviews for Open Ear Swimming Headphones, Wireless Bone Conduction, Bluetooth 5.3 and IP68 Full Waterproof, 8G MP3 Storage

  1. Benjamin Thomas

    Now first let me say I don’t use these for swimming, but I do use them when I’m walking the dog so I can hear traffic and people around me. It does everything my in-ear buds do like play/pause, skip/replay, volume control and answering phone calls. The charge cord is magnetic, and they give you two! It is easily connected to the phone. It tells me when I turn it off and on. The one thing it does not tell me is the battery power left when I turn it on or when the battery is low (it dings me on my phone though). The sound is great and it has a wonderful distance range. It comes with a pleather storage bag and a set of ear plugs.

  2. Ganryu

    I chose this product because I wanted something I could wear while jogging that would allow me to still be aware of my surroundings (i.e., cars, bicycles, other joggers approaching from behind.) My initial impression was that it was heavy, and it was probably because it needed to have some weight in order to produce a good bone conduction. However, as I started running, I noticed the weight did not bother me at all.I also liked the way it is water-proof. I can simply run water over it after each jog to keep it clean.The sound quality is OK. I prefer less treble and more bass. To me, the music sounds little too high pitched. Of course, I use it while running on streets and the sound quality is already polluted, but it does start to bother me a bit after a while to keep hearing music in higher pitch than I prefer.I’ve noticed two things that should be improved, and both have to do with the battery. First, I was able to use it on 3 occasions (each time for about 2 hours) when the battery was down to 50%. But on the 4th day, the battery ran out after about 1 hour. In other words, it took 6/7 of the time to get down to 50%, and the last 1/7 used up the remaining 50% of the battery. This was annoying because it indicate poor battery management or monitoring. Another thing that bothered me was the way it kept reminding me every 30 seconds that the battery level was low. It kept repeating it for several minutes until the battery ran out and the bluetooth connection finally got disconnected. Each time it happened, it would interrupt the music or the podcast. A couple of warnings are enough. Also, the manufacturer could have picked a more pleasant voice for warnings, power up/down, connection/disconnection, etc.I give this 4 stars. If you are not bothered by slight sound quality issues and remember to recharge each time, I would say it is 5 stars.

  3. C. Fleming

    These have Good sound quality and battery life. They seem to really be waterproof – I do not swim with them but was using them on my SUP board when I took a dive and they worked just fine. I did a few test dunks with them after and they do work well under water – there is a bit of distortion from the water in my ear canal but its minimal. THey worked great for the rest of the day and worked fine the next day so they pass as waterproof for me. The connectivity is very good and battery life is good. I like that these sit just outside the ear so my tragus piercing (nub inside your ear well) does not get irritated and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are plenty loud enough to use in the car or on an airplane. Their wrap design lets them sit comfy over my ear the strap keeps them from falling off when jumping around or falling off a SUP board. My daughter uses it in the car so if one falls out she doesn’t have to search for it in her little car cocoon. Great buds with good sound, battery & comfort

  4. Addie Payne

    I’ve tried lots of bone conduction headsets for running, biking and swimming, and these are by far the best quality. You barely notice you are wearing them, and the audio quality is fantastic. Makes sure I can hear what is around me when I’m sporting- huge safety win!

  5. Bradford

    Worked perfectly right out of the box, nicely packaged, sounds great for phone calls, podcasts, books…sounds OK for music.Works well in loud environments, battery lasts a full day on a full charge, charges up really quickly! The waterproof is so great, I can wear them while swimming, amazing!

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