Z Fold 5/4/3 Case with Kickstand

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Front screen protector, s pen holder, lens protector

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  • 1.Compatibility:S Pen Holder + Kickstand + Built-in Screen Protector. Only designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5/4/3 5G.
  • 2.S Pen Holder: This Z Fold case comes with a built-in S Pen Holder, And the pen slot is located at Case,which makes the S Pen more convenient to use and carry (Note: not include a S pen).
  • 3.Screen Protector: This Z Fold 5/4/3 case comes with a built-in front screen protector. The all-inclusive designed case provides 360-degree all-around protection from scratches, dust, bumps, shock, collision, and drops.
  • 4.Adjustable Kickstand: The pen holder has a built-in adjustable kickstand, turn into a tablet in seconds, which give 3 positions that allow you to freely choose to watch videos or read books at 3 different angles, and you can free your hands and enjoy the visual effects of a large screen at any time.
  • 5.Material: Made of Frosted Plain leather material and Tempered Glass material. Matte Process, delicate touch heritage craftsmanship,reject fingerprints, reject hand sweat/oil/dust. Front cover comes with HD explosion-proof tempered film.Heavy Duty Shockproof Protective Case protects your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold .


Please double-check your phone model to ensure compatibility with the phone case before making a purchase. This will help you avoid ordering the wrong case for your device (Click here to view the guide).

50 reviews for Z Fold 5/4/3 Case with Kickstand

  1. Cassandra Bennett

    I was a little skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I was pleasantly pleased. The case fit perfectly and I love the color. The built in screen protector is a bonus.

  2. sarah

    This case was more than I wanted to spend, but it has done a great job protecting my phone. It has been almost 6 months since I purchased this case, and the hinge has malfunctioned, so that part of the case stays open. I reached out to customer service, and Sophia was incredibly helpful. She actually wanted to understand the problem so they could take measures to correct the problem. Since my case was within the 180 day warranty they sent me a brand new one. It arrived within a few days! Great customer service!!

  3. Dominique

    Great screen protector

  4. Dee Dee

    Received it very promptly but two diamonds were missing on right hand corner of phone case.

  5. Chris F

    It’s a good case for the money and all but the front screen protector could be a clearer view and more responsive. Also, the back of this case is very slippery.

  6. Tae Kim

    Awesome fit and nice color.

  7. Joseph A. Navarro

    I really like this case

  8. Travis H

    I literally went through 8 different cases before I found this one. Finally a case that doesn’t need tape to hold it on, has hinge protection, and works with a screen protector.

  9. Horacio Z. Flores

    This one shocked me. It felt really cheap by itself and Like I mentioned in the headline, everything changed once I put it on the phone. When looking for a case, I specifically wanted a case that did not require or use adhesive to work on my Z Fold 5. This case feels really nice and fits perfectly. Locks into place. It is difficult to remove which is what you want with a phone that folds and opens when in use. The stand works in 3 different position angles if you rotate the phone. Also while holding the phone open, the kick stand fits comfortably between your fingers. However if your skin is oily or you use hand lotion, you will definitely see the smudges, and it’s not attractive.My only other critique is the high price or cost. It’s a real turn off. However it checked all of the boxes except the Stylus pen holder option. I have not dropped the phone with this case in it, and I assume if it takes a fall well, the price definitely worth the expense. We will see.Overall the only 2 issues are that the material the case is made of picks very visibly, any oils and lotion. And that high price tag that I could only justify with it taking a fall or hit very well. However for that sake of my financial well being I will not drop or hit my phone and case for this review.Best case for this phone sure! Tentatively. I might update this review once it happens to take a fall. We’ll see.

  10. E. Green

    Left my Fold 4 on top of my car and this case took all of the trauma. Phone is fine. Replacing it pronto!

  11. Mr. Thomas Madden

    the best cover

  12. shelly

    I didn’t notice how much my screen was scratched up tell I cleaned it off to put this case on. I like that it has a screen protector and is still small. I keep braking the frount case. I’m hopeing that this one holds up better bec it has the screen protector and dosent wiggle as much.

  13. Kelly L Stephens

    I can’t take a picture because it’s on my phone? But it looks so nice and holding up very well!!

  14. Mark

    The Galaxy Z-Fold5 is an amazing phone, you need an amazing case to protect your investment. This is the perfect case for you! Extremely durable. Convenient S-Pen holder that surprisingly adds very little to the width of my phone. A sturdy stand built into the case. But what I thought was the best feature about this case is the sturdy built in glass face plate. All my other cases you had to purchase a separate screen protector. Not with this case! It’s included, attached and super easy to install. And the price…….worth every penny!

  15. Johnnyhaf

    Easy to put on and works great without being bulky

  16. JWGuzzino

    Well, it is good

  17. Frank

    The case is perfect. Will probably also get some camera protector as well

  18. Michael ArtisMichael Artis

    Finally, my search for a case is over. I’ve owned 7 cases for my Z Fold 4, and up until now, most of them were disappointments. The two I liked the most were the Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition and the Torras Shockproof with S Pen. I prefer the Torras Armor Stand to those two, even though there is no S Pen slot, and here’s why:The pros:1). The case attaches without adhesive, unlike the Spigen.2). The finger-print reader is very easy to access, easier than either the Spigen or the Torras Shockproof.3). The charging port is wide and should accommodate most cables. I had difficulty using some cables with the Spigen.4). The case feels very premium and has a nice satin finish.5). The hinge protector feels very sturdy, more so than that of the Spigen Slim Armor Pro.6). Wireless power share works. I could not get wireless powershare to work on the Spigen.7). The case doesn’t feel excessively bulky and is a little slimmer than the Spigen.8). The kickstand is adjustable, feels solid, and works in both landscape and portrait orientations.The only cons I can think of are the price and the lack of an S Pen slot. $109 is a lot of money for a case. Unfortunately, at least from my experience, finding a good case for this phone has been challenging. As for the lack of an S Pen slot, I don’t think the added bulk of the slot is worth it unless you use the S Pen every day. I tend to use the S Pen once or twice a week, so I’m better off just keeping it in my bag. The phone is slimmer, easier to hold, and easier to open without the S Pen slot anyway. I think for the S Pen to be truly practical for this phone, Samsung needs to design the next iteration with a slot built in.If like me, you’ve been trying case after case, you’ll be very happy with this one.

  19. Luis M

    Loved the case! I’ve had it for about a month but now the adhesive that helps with the front case staying on has come off and the case slides off easily. I wish it would’ve worked better because I liked the feel and protection it provided hence why I gave it 3stars and not less.Update: The company reached out and rectified the problem promptly for that reason I have updated my review. Not only is the product great but the company stands behind its product when issues arise.

  20. M.DeMarco

    After trying a few cases, I liked the slim feel of the Samsung case but wanted hinge protection. This case is perfect with the added benefit of not dealing with adhesive. Case fits great and I have no issues with fingerprint sensor or charging port. This isn’t as rugged as some cases but for a slim case, it seems like it will do the job better than the Samsung slim case. My only knock is that I feel like the price is a little too steep but other than that it is everything you want in a slim, protective case for the fold4.

  21. whitney blaine

    This case is great for the price. The hole for the finger prints could be bigger.

  22. OBW

    I drop my phone… often. It does what I need it to do. You can’t remove it often. There is tape that helps secure the front so if you’re one to change the case to match your, anything, this probably isn’t the case for you. Really like the color (green) and soft matte finish.

  23. Tambay

    This case works great and is reasonable

  24. Jakes4kids

    It’s sturdy, nice but does not have as much color or glitter as you see advertised. It’s good, just not great.

  25. El Primo

    Good product!

  26. Shawn SwaneyShawn Swaney

    This is a fantastic case for users of the fold 4 with the S pen Slot. There’s a magnetic flap located around the hinge side that allows you to store an S pen. The case has a built in screen protector as part of the front shell. Overall, it has a nice aesthetic and feels to be of good quality. This is one of my favorite Fold 4 cases so far.

  27. KARIE

    This case is thin so doesn’t add any extra bulk. Love the front screen protector & everything snapped on. If you have larger fingers, it might be hard to get to the finger print sensor on the side. Hopefully durable!

  28. Jeff Philpot

    I’ve tried many cases, on the z fold platform and iPhone platform over the years, without a doubt this case is hands down the best purchase I have everade for a phone. Absolutely 💯 legit and ticks all the boxes for protection, feel in hand, and appearance. Haters are going to hate, screw that…a confirmed must have for me… and I paid for mine, no freebie for a review!

  29. Dayzdog

    No problem fit perfect. Dropped it a dozen times easy no damage to phone building screensaver tough won’t need to buy another one the way this one’s holding up

  30. Nick C.

    Es realmente bueno el producto y funciona perfecto con mi teléfono.
  31. Alberto Lee

    It fits well and is very durable.

  32. LemonAIDS

    So, this case is ALMOST perfect. And by almost, I mean by a tiny bread crumb away from being PERFECT.Overall, this case feels and looks awesome. I like the simple design yet it’s durable and protective! Only iffy part for me is that the camera ridges doesn’t seem to be as high to full protect the cameras. And let me just say that the kickstand placement is GENIUS! I love that I can have the phone in portrait and horizontal view while unfolded with no stability issues whatsoever. Most cases with a stand, you can only really have one veiwing mode (usually just horizontal).What prevents this almost perfect case from being absolutely perfect is not having an S-pen slot. Just a personal preference. Don’t know how much this’ll impact the case overall, but if the Hinge protection was a bit bigger to accommodate the Fold Edition S-Pen inside and still have that awesome kickstand, then this case would truly be the embodiment of PERFECT.

  33. Christina Winn

    I purchased this as a gift for my mother-in-law. I had a similar one for an Android device and she really liked it so I got her one for her iPhone. It’s super cute. I actually like this one better than the one I have because it has the extra bling around the edges.

  34. Jon C.

    Finding a fold 4 case is not easy. Some will damage the phone if it has an impact, some might not stay on or require adhesive, and many will damage the interior screens pre installed screen protector.I like this case because it offers adequate hinge protection, however, there is absolutely nothing justifying the $100 price tag aside from the device that it goes on. The kickstand is relatively flimsy and doesn’t stand hold up as well as the Samsung OEM one for softer surfaces (think: fabric arm of the couch, pillow, etc.)My biggest two gripes are the fact that the phone doesn’t close all the way now – the case keeps it slightly elevated when folded due to the lip on it. When unfolded, however, THE CASE DOESNT ALLOW THE FOLD TO OPEN ALL THE WAY. This case keeps the fold ever so slightly folded and unable to open perfectly flat. This accentuates the crease, and is frankly a ridiculous problem to have at this price point.With that said, it seems to offer adequate protection in a form factor that doesn’t make the fold one giant brick. It is also very slippery, so I threw a popsocket on it and am calling it a day with this, but, it’s not without its flaws. I just don’t actually see a better alternative.

  35. Angela Williams

    It actually fits right….no issues..

  36. TinTinMonkey

    Perfect fit. Material and feel seem to be identical to the one made by Samsung, that costs a lot more. Even the color is identical. I’m using the front cover from this case and back cover from Samsung, as it has a kick stand.

  37. Juanalee

    This case doesn’t add a lot of bulkiness to the phone. It’s easy to slide on or off and has protected my phone from dings and scratches.

  38. Greg

    I really really like this case.. the front screen protector is awesome. The only thing it’s missing is the rear hinge protector. But even without that.. this is a 5 star protective case compared to the pervious 3 other brands I purchased.

  39. Kindle Customer


  40. D P

    I’ve tried a bunch of cases and this one is better than most. The case lines up pretty well at the hinge while others don’t sit as flush. The one thing I dislike is the use of the adhesive strip, but that added wit the screen protector gives it a sturdier feel and it seems more likely to stay in place. The front cover staying on is an issue for many cases without the adhesive.Amazon did ship me what looks like a returned item and the seller reached out to me before I reached out to them. I was really impressed with the communication and customer service – they were often waiting on me to respond. I believe they will stand behind the product thus the 5*s.

  41. Katrina Williams

    Love the green.

  42. Batteries

    Muy Bueno grace in

  43. Jim Hanlon

    I like a minimal case on the Fold4 and this one fits that requirement as well as you can on this monster phone. I can still use the keyboard on the left side with this bezel. The overall case offers some additional protection. I have broken at least four other cases.

  44. allio

    Normally I would find a list of complaints on what I would change about something. You know, little tiny things that don’t even matter, because you can never be satisfied. At first I was hesitant because of the price. I bought a case at the phone store for $55 and it was utter garbage. Made the phone feel like a tank, and good luck using the front screen…I am absolutely happy with it. Not a single complaint.

  45. laura salazar


  46. C Addison


  47. Marv K

    Easy to install on my fold 4

  48. Mike

    This is the case you’re looking for. It’s that simple. With as much as the phone costs, a case is a must have and you don’t want a inferior product on it. I’ve tried multiple cases and I truly believe that this is the best one on the market, both in terms of design and quality. To top it off, the customer support is fantastic. They stand behind the product 100% and will work quickly to resolve any issues you may have. Torras has become my first choice when it comes to wireless accessories. If you try this case, you will likely feel the same way.

  49. Don

    It looks great, and works well. If you’re looking for something minimal, this is it.

  50. Alberto Lee

    It fits well and is very durable.

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