Z Fold 5 Clear Case with Hinge Protection

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Built-in screen protector, kickstand

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The Z Fold 5 Clear Case with Hinge Protection is a must-have accessory for your phone, offering both style and practicality. Designed specifically for the Z Fold 5, this clear case provides a sleek and transparent look that showcases the beauty of your device while ensuring reliable protection.

Featuring hinge protection, this case adds an extra layer of security to your phone’s delicate folding mechanism. The specially designed reinforced corners and edges safeguard the hinge area from accidental bumps and scratches, keeping it in pristine condition.

Made from high-quality transparent materials, this clear case offers full visibility of your phone’s design, allowing you to show off its sleek aesthetics. The slim profile adds minimal bulk to your device, maintaining its slim and elegant form factor.

With precise cutouts, you’ll have easy access to all the ports, buttons, and features of your Z Fold 5. The case also allows for wireless charging compatibility, so you can conveniently charge your device without removing the case.

This Z Fold 5 Clear Case with Hinge Protection combines style and functionality, providing reliable protection while preserving the original beauty of your phone. Give your Z Fold 5 the defense it deserves with this clear case that offers peace of mind and a seamless user experience.

17 reviews for Z Fold 5 Clear Case with Hinge Protection

  1. Alexandra

    I have my share of new phone cases, I really like this one. The only down fall I can see thus far is that with the built in kick stand I have to use my swivel on the phone and I prefer to keep it locked. I just dont like it when my screen turns all the time IMO. Otherwise, I really cant say anything else about this case

  2. JACraig

    I was hesitant at first because of the form factor of the phone, and reading reviews on many cases led me to believe that there is always some downside. Just received this case today and it has a lot of great qualities. The fit is spot on. The most hesitant feature about these cases, to include this one, is the embedded screen protector. It was easy to install and the screen responsiveness is just as if I didn’t have the protector on.Update (24SEP23): screen protector doesn’t completely sit flat on the screen. So, within two weeks, the screen collected dust resulting in my removing to clean. The adhesive developed streaks which show very prominently. I removed the screen protector which now leaves the plastic outer portion of the case barely fitting the front. I’ll either find a way to adhere the it to the front edge of the phone or get another case without the built in screen protector.

  3. R.C.

    My old case broke and needed a new one. Wasnt interested in paying through the nose. Decided on this case and very pleased. It has a soft velvety finish and the fit is perfect. The front screen protector is working fine.

  4. PhD2012

    Case made of quality material and nice appearance. Love the color and its very stable

  5. Keri D Gardner

    Phone case is easy to install, and fits really well. It comes with everything you need to clean your front screen before installing the front part with the protector and the instructions are clear. The case feels sturdy though I’m not about to go throwing my phone around to test it.Only complaint at this point is the material shows the people oils really easily and I am constantly having to wipe it down to keep it looking nice. But the red is really pretty when its clean!

  6. robert a paroski

    No complaints so far.

  7. GS_Jennsen

    The Fold is a difficult phone to protect, so props to all the companies to try. This case does a great job of balancing the need to protect what is still a somewhat delicate phone with more moving parts than normal, without making it took hefty or unwieldy.The case was extremely easy to put on, yet fits securely; I haven’t had any issues with slippage. I’ve needed to remove it once or twice, and this was also fairly simply.As other reviewers have noted, the screen protector for the outer screen does reduce the sensitivity a bit. Until I learned to press a touch harder, I found myself jabbing at the screen repeatedly. But once you get used to the pressure needed, it’s not an issue.The kickstand is surprising good, at least in the horizontal position – easy to kick out and very sturdy. And the hinge simply works; there are no issues with opening and closing the phone.

  8. Andrew

    Those case fits great, most inportantly snuggly around the front screen. I tried a previous case and it slid off every time I opened the phone. The rear casing with the attached hinge protector is a solid quality build. Compared to 2 previous options, this is a top quality case on an unorthadox phone style.

  9. michael w.

    Great product as good as advertised. Appearance…love how the product enhances the overall appearance while at the same time remains functional.

  10. Dog Mom

    Love this case. It is low profile, covers the entire phone and looks great. The spring hinge is smooth and it was easy to install. The red is deep & rich – a really gorgeous color. I especially like that this case does not offer an S pen holder because I dislike the extra bulk.Very pleased with this purchase.

  11. Brandi

    I LOVE this case. I never leave reviews, but would love to help someone out if they’ve been looking and looking like I have. The fit is perfect, the color is vivid (I got the maroon/deep red) and is exactly what the description says. I was REALLY concerned about the built-in screen protector, but it has not affected use at all, and I actually really like it. FINALLY. A case that is functional, feels solid in the hand, and has a great sleek look.

  12. Waseem

    Not expensive. Extremely durable. High quality. Perfect fit.

  13. Hrtlsngl7Hrtlsngl7

    This is Really Cute

  14. Appreciative Hawaiian

    The protector arrived on time, instructions were easy to understand, all prep materials are included, and my z-fold worked without any adjustments.

  15. John K. Coryea

    The case for my Z Fold 5 fit perfectly. Was easy to put on and love.the stand. Appreciate the communication before I had even received the case. Great customer service.👍🤙

  16. Karen

    Este es el caso cuando el producto es mucho mejor que cualquier case original de Samsung ! 100% recommended 👌

  17. daniel

    For as unique of a case this is with the hinge, they did a fantastic job without making it bulky or difficult to apply. I was wary of it not being able to charge wireless lying with the hinge preventing it from sitting completely flat, but I’ve had no issues. The magnetic hinge & stand work perfectly. The front screen cover causes no issues with touch screen sensitivity & that includes me having an additional screen protector under the case on the screen itself. I’m not sure how but about 1 month in one of the arms of the hinge protector snapped. I contacted the Kaiiecal & the way they handled the situation was incredible. Not only did they ship out a replacement without any issues (which arrived within 3 days), they asked for pictures in order to look into why it happened to see if it could have been a design flaw to possibly see if they could improve the design to prevent it from happening again. After this I decided to & purchased a 2nd one as a backup. I would highly recommend them, not just for the Z fold 5 case, but for any of their products as 1, their prices as very reasonable and 2, their customer service has been second to none.

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